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 10 - 13 augustus 2024

Get ready for a truly unparalleled experience at the
Dutch Equine Art Fair !

This extraordinary event, presented in collaboration between the Living Horse Museum and Paard Verzameld, invites you on a remarkable journey into the world of equine art. Held at the historic de Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam, this fair promises a celebration of the artistry, beauty, and timeless connection to horses.


Great diversity in international equine art
Feast your eyes on an exquisite collection of artworks created by a diverse group of international talented equine artists from various disciplines. Whether you are a passionate art enthusiast, avid collector, or simply hold a profound admiration for horses, this event is an unmissable showcase of creativity, passion, and artistic brilliance.

Dutch Equine  Art Fair at the Living Horse Museum

August 10 - 13, Vondelstraat 140, Amsterdam

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